Frequently Asked Questions


Hitz Luxury offers shoppers in the MENA region the option to buy a variety of luxury products, at a fraction of their cost, while providing customers a fun and exciting experience. Hitz Luxury offers a variety of products and services:

  • Men's World - offers luxury product for men that can vary from accessories, to fashion items, supercars and gadgets.
  • Ladies Fashion - offers luxury products for women that focus on fashion and accessories including designer handbags, shoes, watches etc.
  • Jewelry - offers luxury products from reputable brands such as rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets etc.
  • Fine Arts - offers unique and luxurious pieces of art that are sourced for our customers and can vary in nature from decoration to furniture pieces.
  • Luxury experiences - will be offered through third party suppliers and will be customized for our customers including travel, accommodation and the experience itself. These can be from museum visits, to unique destinations and locations etc.
  • Personal shopping - as a service to be provide for our customers with a variety of services for them to choose from from direct product pickups to full make overs.
  • HitzLuxury Store - this is an online store allowing customers to redeem points from their account for items from the store directly or purchase directly any item they like from the store.

HitzLuxury contests are a fun way to enjoy shopping for your favourite brands. You can either buy your favourite luxury products outright or if you want you can choose to play against other users to get them at hugely discounted prices.

We are open to any questions or concerns you may have and are free to {contact us}.

WE WOULD LIKE TO NOTE THE BELOW Is NOT a lottery or ANY other form of gaming. Hitz contests do not contain any random element because the outcome of every contest depends on how many Hits a user is prepared to place. It is possible for a user to win any contest provided that the user is prepared to place enough Hits and therefore there is no element of chance.

Users should ensure that they are aware of the number of HITZ they are placing and show caution so as to not use their HITZ frivolously. If the users place the winning HIT they are obligated to purchase the product at the final contest price reached.

In order for us to be able to amazing products at greatly discount prices HitzLuxury users {buy Hitz} Credit Packages which they use to participate in each contest. The HitzLuxury Credits used in a contest by Users allow us to sell the item at a price considerably below the Manufacturers Recommended Retail Price.

The products sold on are 100% genuine and authentic. If you purchase a product from it will be dispatched to you with the original tag, original packaging and certificates of authenticity where available.

All our products are brand new and come in original packaging.

We'll always list the Manufacturers Recommended Retail Price to ensure that we're provide you with an accurate as possible price. This means that sometimes the prices listed on our site may be different than those you might find on another website or retailer.

All around the world, currency rates change continuously.

HitzLuxury updates currency rates on a regular basis however some variation from other exchange rates you may find from other sources may occur.

Participating on Hitz

Yes you do. {Register} with us for free and enjoy the below benefits:

Register and get 2 reserve hitz and 2 live hits to get you started Participate in contests get products at greatly discounted prices. Set auto hit on items you like and get notified of the updates Be notified when new items that you are interested in are listed. Manage your account details, order history, Hitz history, and email preferences Track your orders and review past HITS Save your contact details and address for faster processing is all about fun and exciting shopping. {Register} for free here and get complimentary Hitz Credits to get you started.

Find the product that you're interested in and then you can choose to either Hit on that product and play against other users to get your hands on it or you can simply use the buy now feature to purchase it from the hitzLuxury store.

If you need additional Hitz Credits we have a variety of options from Classic to Elite Hitz Credit Packages. Just select the one that suits you from the {Buy Hitz} page and you're ready to play.

When you first {register}, you will receive 2 reserve Hitz and 2 live Hitz Credits to get you started. In order to get additional Hitz Credits you may either:

  • Acquire free Hitz Credits by {inviting friends} to join in the fun.
  • Purchase additional Hitz Credits by clicking on the '{Buy Hitz}' button and following the instructions. Hitz accepts all major Debit and Credit cards.

To top up your Hitz Credit balance, you can select from 3 different categories of Hitz Credit Packages. The term 'HitzLuxury Credit Packages' merely refers to a collection of a set number of Hitz Credits. Below is a table showing the different packs to choose from:

HitzLuxury Credit Package Value $ Reserve Hitz Live Hitz
Classic 100 100 5
Prestige 400 400 40
Elite 600 600 90

Getting started and participating in the contest is simple.

Let's take a look at a product on All of the contests start at a price of zero and have a reserve price, which is the minus price the product needs to reach before that contest goes live. During the reserve period prior to meeting the reserve price, all the hitz placed are from the reserved hitz credit. Each time a Hit is made on the product the price will go up in increments of 1, 5, 10 or 20 dollars. The price increment will always be shown to you on the product page.

When you click the 'HIT NOW' button you increase the contest price by the set price increment. For each HIT that you make, it raises the price of a contest item by just set increment (1, 5, 10, 20 dollars) and you will receive live hitz as well, the value often live hitz received will be determined on the contest page. It is important to note that once the Reserve Hitz Credit has been used it is deducted from your account, and each Reserve Hit Credit yields live hitz to the participant, the value of which is determined depending on the contest details provided by HitzLuxury. Ex. 1 reserve hit credit used in a contest will give the user 1x or 2x Live hitz. Live Hitz can only be used on Live contests or for purchases from the HitzLuxury Store.

Reserve Hitz Credits are valid for the duration of the User's Account. Live Hitz Credits are valid for 6 months - the period of which is subject to change at the sole discretion of HitzLuxury without prior notice.

Now for the fun part! Once the reserve price for the product is met, the timer goes on and the contest is now live for the users to compete on winning the items. When the clock reaches the final seconds of the countdown, each time that you or someone you're playing against place a hit, you will use the live hitz to compete, and a small amount of time is added to the countdown clock to give other players the opportunity to compete. For example if the countdown reset is set to 15 seconds everytime the clock falls below 15 seconds and someone click HIT NOW the clock is reset to 15 seconds.

If you're the last person to click HIT NOW and the countdown clock reaches zero then you get the products at amazing prices that can reach up to 95% off the manufacturers recommended retail price.

All contests are set-up with a minimum reserve price, which is the lowest price the contest can end at.

The contest remains active on our website until the reserve price is met and then goes live, which means we will always have a winner for every contest.

For some contests, the number of Hitz Credits that will be used when a user HITS on a product will vary. This is displayed very clearly to users on the product page. As the amount of HIT's required varies from each contest, please make sure to read all the information on the product page before participating in the contest.

Contests can run 24 hours a day so that users can always enjoy playing on Hitz and in certain circumstances we may set the contest to run for specific hours of the day (for example 09:00 to 23:59). If contest hours have been set the contest hours will be indicated to you on the Important Info tab on the contest page. If you view a contest outside of the set contest hours you'll see that its paused. The auction will restart the following day at the specified times.

To make sure you don't miss out you can still set-up your AUTOHIT outside of contest hours and you can set-up up reminders and we'll let you know when the contest is about to restart.

If you win the contest then all you have to do is pay the closing price for the item using our easy to use checkout process. You can pay for your product in the following ways:

  • By clicking the PAY NOW option on the contest page and completing the purchase.
  • By clicking the link in the email that you receive from us and completing the purchase.
  • By going to My Hitz and viewing your Product Order History. Find the item you've won and then click to proceed through the checkout process.

Once your completed the checkout process we'll dispatch your product to you.

HitzLuxury allows our users to either purchase a product from the hitzLuxury store or you can compete against other users to win products at amazing prices that are part of the contests. All the products in the store are not necessarily part of the contests. Look for the Shop Now tab on the product page where you'll be able to buy the item directly. With HitzLuxury if you do choose to compete against other users the value of any Reserve Hitz Credits used in the contest will be deducted from your credits and will yield you live hitz that you can use in the store to redeem products that you like.

Yes, if you want to use our Shop Now feature and you've participated in the contest for that item then the value of the Reserve Hitz Credits you used in that contest will be deducted from the Buy Now price, you will be able to use your live hitz credit towards the redemption and ou will pay the difference at checkout.

Absolutely, if you don't want to play against other users you can just buy any product you like form the HitzLuxury store.

Reserve Hitz Credits do not expire. Live Hitz Credits expire after 6 months.

Very occasionally connection errors with Payment Gateways occur. Unfortunately these connection errors are out of our control. If you purchase a HitzLuxury Credit Package and your Hitz Luxury Credits are not credited to your account please {contact us} immediately with your order details and we'll resolve it as quickly as possible. is open to everyone so there are no restrictions on users competing from other countries.

Reserve Hitz Credits are not returned to users, the reserve hitz credit used on contests yields live hitz to the user which are valid to be used on live contests or against purchases in the store.

Fairness in Contests

The integrity and fairness of our contest process is central to the viability of our website. We explicitly state that HitzLuxury does not use any systems OR robots that automatically HIT on our contests and also guarantee that no employees of HitzLuxury are permitted to HIT on the contests.


If you know you're going to be away from your computer, phone or tablet for a while and want to continue competing then use our AUTOHIT feature to keep you in the running to win your favourite products.

AUTOHIT monitors the contest you're playing in when you cannot be online, or when you would like to have HIT's placed automatically for you.

You decide how many AUTOHITS you want to place and if they start to run low we'll let you know by email and SMS so that you don't miss out.

Choose the contest you wish to play on. Only once the contest has gone live, will you be able to set auto hit. You can set the price point at which you would like to activate auto-hit. On the AUTOHIT Tab move the slider up to the number of AUTOHITS you want to make and click Activate. It's that easy.

If the contest uses more than 1 x HITZ Credit per hit then AUTOHIT will use multiple Hitz Credits every time AUTOHIT places a HIT for you.

For example if the contest is set up with 2 X HITZ Credits for every Hit and you activate AUTOHIT to HIT for you 20 times then each time an AUTOHIT is made for you it will deduct 2 Hitz Credits from your account making your total Hitz Credit usage 40 Hitz Credits.

All AUTOHIT bundles will randomly take turns making a HIT for users until they run out of Hitz Credits.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and delivery cost for GCC countries are free. For all other countries Shipping costs are calculated on the checkout page when you purchase the product.

Hitz ships to most countries worldwide.

HitzLuxury delivers to Post Office boxes in Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. We are unable to deliver to Post Office boxes in other countries.

For security purposes we only ship to registered winners and will not ship to forwarding addresses or to other nominated persons.

Depending on the country where the product is being dispatched to the user will have to incur any customs, clearance or handling fees that incur.

HitzLuxury will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that each Product won is insured during time in transit until it is delivered to the User's specified delivery address.

A signature will be required for any Products delivered, at which point responsibility for the applicable Product will pass to the User. In the event the User has specified a third-party recipient for delivery purposes, then that third party's signature will be accepted by the User and HitzLuxury as evidence of delivery and fulfilment by HitzLuxury.

Once the Product has been delivered to the specified delivery address and signed for, it is no longer covered by insurance.

If a Product is damaged upon arrival, we recommend that the User either refuse the delivery, or make a note when signing for it that the User is accepting a damaged box.

We aim to dispatch all orders within 14 working days of once payment for a product has been authorised by our payment gateway.

We'll do our best to ensure that you receive your product within 14 working days from the dispatch date. Delays can happen sometime and if this does happen we'll be sure to communicate to you as quickly as possible to give you an update.

Your order will be delivered in the original designer packaging protected in additional packaging provided by our logistics provider.

Yes. Because of the high value of the luxury products that we dispatch Hitz require proof of delivery for all orders.

Unfortunately we cannot redirect orders to a different address. It's vitally important that you provide a suitable shipping address so that we can get your product to you on time.

Once your order has been dispatched, you will receive email confirmation of your shipping details and a tracking number. This will allow you to view and track the status of your shipment.

Returns and Exchanges

Returns are accepted if the product reaches you in a defective manner. You should inform HitzLuxury of such defect within two days of receipt of the product. HitzLuxury preserves its right to refuse any returns if HitzLuxury is not notified within the two days' notice period. Products' defects caused by the customer are not the responsibility of Hitz. For queries related to returns, please {contact us}. In case a return is valid, products should be returned unused with all designer tags still attached and in its original wrapping. Damaged or stained products returned as a result of negligence will not be accepted and will be sent back to the owner. Unfortunately we don't offer exchanges for items sold on


Hitz accepts all major debit and credit cards. Payment can be made through Visa, MasterCard, American Express(AMEX), Discover and Diners Club Cards. Payment will be debited from your account at time of purchase of the Hitz Credit Package or when the item you won has been purchased at checkout. For large ticket items and personal shopping service a bank transfer is required to be made to the Hitz account as provided below:

Currency: AED
Account Number: 00110759520019
IBAN: AE410520000110759520019
Swift Code: NISLAEAD.

We take every precaution to safeguard all your personal information from unauthorised access, use or disclosure.

Please be aware however that the Internet is not 100% secure. We cannot promise that your use of our sites will be completely safe. We encourage you to use caution when using the Internet. This includes creating passwords that contain letters, numbers and special characters. Make sure to never share your user name or password for this Website with anyone else.

If you think that your account has been accessed by an unauthorized user or that your user name or password has been compromised please change your password immediately by logging into the Website and going to {My Account} section of the website. In addition to changing your password you can contact the Customer Care team by {clicking here}.